Paradise Fire Adopt a Family

Paradise Fire Adopt a Family

On November 8th, the worst fire in California history ripped through several Butte County communities. The Camp Fire (sometimes called The Paradise Fire) burned over 10,000 homes, displacing more than 50,000 individuals and, sadly, killing a still unknown number of people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a place where families that lost their homes or were affected by the Paradise Fire can find the help they need to recover.

Survivors: What Can I Do?

If you are a Fire Loss Family Join our Facebook Group and ask for help.

Helpers: How Can I help?

Reaching out is a collaborative process of assessing a survivors needs,
and determining what help and guidance you can provide.
Many options to meet an individual’s or a family’s needs are possible.
You have what you can offer, other resources are available
and many can be found through this site.

Join our Facebook Group Now – Read the posts and jump in!

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