Making a Post

If you are a fire survivor and need some help the first step is to go to the PFAAF Facebook page and post your needs.
We do not advise commenting on other posts but creating your own post.
To do this is easy, on the discussion page look for Write Post, then in one sentence describe your situation.
Example "We are a family of 5 who lost our home in the Camp Fire"
Then in the next sentence sentence describe your specific needs.
Example "We are living in a tent and need some help locating a rental home, we have up to $900 a month of income."
Include a picture of your family if possible.
Ask the network to message you if they can help.
Now just monitor your messages. Give it a day or two.

If you get no response do another post.
Keep posting....

Helpers are standing by monitoring the Facebook Discussion page at PFAAF.
You post, they will respond!