PFAAF Facebook Group

Paradise Fire Adopt a Family Facebook Group
This Facebook group is a place where people affected by the Paradise Fire (Camp Fire) can come to find support. There are a number of families outside Paradise that weren't affected that would like to help by adopting families that were. This group creates a place where we can connect those that want help with those who want to provide help.

PFAAF Facebook Group Rules
1. BE NICE. People here have lost everything. Do not judge people on anything, including what they put on a wish list.
Don't like what's on it? Move on.
2. Survivors, be transparent about what you need.
3. NO RUDE COMMENTS, no profanity.
4. Our admin team reserves the right to remove anybody from this group at any time.

Volunteers: How Can I help?

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Finding a Family to Help
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Survivors: What Can I Do?

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